About me

I am Shaifur Rahaman from Bangladesh, alternatively a lazy, simple, dreamy and odd guy. Started blogging back in 2011 but yet to find the success. I love to make confusion on everything, being nervous, downcast and melancholy.

I also can’t concentrate on a specific matter, focuses on a lot of things and ultimately get failed. And all these happens because of a broken dream. Once, I also had a dream, the teenage dream. I was eager, passionate, focus, rigid, uncompromising, adamant, obdurate and strong willed to my dream.

But somehow, I moved aside from my dream and quitted. And then, I took internet (online earning or blogging) as an alternative which could help me being self sufficient and financially help me to step ahead towards my dream.           

At that time, I had only one option learn and eventually earn money. I didn’t have any English skill, writing skill or any online skill which could help me earning money. And eventually, I went to some PTC or micro working sites and all of them was waste of time. I tried to learn web developing, went through HTML and CSS. But these were also nothing but a failure.

I ultimately realized the real method of stable earning. Yes, blogging. But it needs time and expertise over English which I didn’t have. However, I started blogging with a Bangla blog and later English. I tried to learn English day after day. After learning a bit, I started my first blog tuthow.com. Meanwhile, I promoted to class 7 and the dream was still going on.   

To be continued…… 

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