Application for Improving Computer Lab Facilities

Here is a sample of an application to improve Computer Lab facilities in your school or college. This application is suitable for students of HSC, SSC and JSC.



Suppose you are Fahim. Computer Lab facilities in your college is limited. Now write an application to principal of your college to improve the facilities of Computer Lab on behalf of students.

December, 20, 2020

The Principal

Government Science College, Tejgaon, Dhaka

Dear Sir,

With due respect, We beg to state that The Computer Lab established 6 months ago is limited with its facilities. In proportion to students, the number of computers are not enough. Currently there are only 10 computers whereas the number of students in our college is around 600. The internet connectivity is also poor. We can not browse educational videos without buffering. There is also a shortage of seats for the standby users awaiting to use computer. Due to these limitations, we are not getting most of the benefits of a computer lab.

We, therefore, hope and pray that you would be kind enough to take quick and effective steps to improve the facilities of our computer lab and oblige thereby.

Yours sincerely,

Fahim Rahman

Roll: 01

Section: A

Class: XII

On behalf of the students of Government Science College.

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