Becoming Negligent in the first 3 months of College life

It is shameful to state that I was totally negligent, inattentive and careless in the past 3 months. I got admitted to BAF Shaheen College Kurmitola back in July. I wasn’t really happy getting admitted but luck, wrong choice and a weak research on college selection took me there.

I unconsciously selected B A F Shaheen College Kurmitola rather than Shaheen College Dhaka. Actually there are two branch of B A F Shaheen College in Dhaka. The main branch is located at Tejgaon and another one is at Kurmitola. I didn’t took it seriously and faultily selected the Kurmitola branch. And finally, it headed me towards frustration and regret of not getting admitted to a better college. I could get admitted to much better college than this with the result I obtained. 

Another thing to be noted, I had a very good chance to get admitted in Notre Dame College and Saint Joseph College. These are the best 2 colleges in Bangladesh. Frankly speaking, I was totally negligent while taking preparation for the admission test of these colleges. As these are the best colleges, there’s a huge competition in the admission test of these colleges.

Luck is also an important factor. I could sleep a single hour at night before the admission test day of Notre Dame College. And this had a huge impact over my exam. Notre Dame’s question was really not that hard. I could easily obtain over 50 marks which could lead me to the selected list. But less sleep made me answering almost 10 familiar questions wrong. As my observation, I might got 45 out of 60 in that exam. A more few marks could get me admitted there. But….

The story Saint Joseph College admission test was more frustrating. I answered 28 out 30. Correctly answered all the math except 2 question, one from Bangla and another from ICT. But, I did mistake in a silly math question which anyone can do. There were 2 hard level math question and I correctly solved them. But I had mistaken in one silly binomial question for being rush and hasty, which I think could lead me to the selected list.

All these regret and failure leaded me towards frustration. My college is also lot far from my home. It takes almost 3 hours to up-down from the college. All these aggregately made me a melancholy and frustrated. And in the past 3 months, I have gone through these rather than becoming serious in studies.

There’s not really much time left in the first year but a huge syllabus is yet to accomplish. Don’t know what to do. But I have to complete it. Only 15-16 months are left for HSC examination. And I have to be really well prepared for that. I think, it is high time I changed me and forced me to become serious. Hey audience, keep me in your prayers.  

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