Importance of Reading Newspaper Paragraph for HSC and SSC

We present here a sample of Importance of Reading Newspaper Paragraph for HSC and SSC students. We also included the key topics, so that you can easily write the paragraph on your own with creativity.

Importance of Reading Newspaper Paragraph for HSC and SSC


  • Definition of newspaper 
  • History of newspaper 
  • Types of newspaper in Bangladesh 
  • Importance of reading newspaper 
  • Demerits 
  • Summary of the above topics 

Newspaper is a vast sheet of paper that contains the news of the whole world. Newspaper comes from the word ‘News’ is formed with the initial letter of following words, namely north, east, west and south. Man is naturally curious to know, and newspaper meets our curiosity to the happenings in the daily world. China was the first country to introduce the newspaper. In 1780 ‘The Indian Gazette’ published as the first newspaper in this sub-continent. ‘Samachar Darpan’ the first Bengali newspaper was brought out by the Christian Missionaries in 1818. There are various kinds of newspapers in Bangladesh like dailies, weeklies, monthlies, bi-weeklies etc. The Daily Ittafaq, The Janakantha, The Inqilab, The Jugantor, The Prothom Alo, The Bangladesh Observer, are the leading daily newspapers in Bangladesh. By reading the daily newspaper, one can acquire all the essential news. It is a moving mirror of the world. We living in the 21st century. In this modern civilization, the newspaper becomes an essential item indeed. In a newspaper, there are news about current affairs, trade and commerce, films, sports, literature, world politics and many more. Besides, newspapers also have corners for children, women, traders, and job seekers. The world has become smaller, being ignorant of current affairs one can’t participate in the discussion in an enlightened society. A newspaper can provide knowledge about the world people, customs, and culture. By reading newspaper people can reduce global distance. For its vital role in today’s life, newspaper has become a universal reading matter. Newspaper helps the growth of public opinion; it is said that “Newspaper is the people’s parliament”. But we should bear in mind that a newspaper is not altogether free from evils. Sometimes a newspaper publish misreports or false news, thus mislead the readers. However, we should not be blindly influenced by these critics and comments. Instead of its defects, we should keep an open mind to the facts and read a newspaper daily.

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