Price Hike Paragraph for HSC and SSC

Right here, you will get a total guide to write a Price Hike paragraph for HSC and SSC. It is a commonly seen paragraph that appears in the public and inter-school examinations.


We don’t encourage the students to memorize paragraphs or essays. Rather, we recommend understanding the circumstances and the situations of a paragraph. And later try to come up with something different using own creativity. Here’s the catch-up of highlighted topics to cover in the following paragraph:

  • An interesting line that portrays the situation of price hike.
  • What is Price Hike?
  • Causes of Price Hike
  • Effects of Price Hike on mass people
  • Steps to alleviate Price Hike

Price Hike Paragraph for SSC

Increasing price of the common commodities brings about a misery to the middle and lower class families. This unwanted and human created phenomenon is commonly known as price hike. There are various reasons behind it. Unfortunately most of the times, price hike is created by a syndicate alternatively a group of unscrupulous and  greedy people. They create forced shortage of daily commodities intentionally to make more profit. And thus, price of daily commodities rises up. Sometimes nature’s cruelty also causes price hike. Natural disasters like flood and drought causes harm to vegetables and fruits. It creates a shortage in the market and price hike inevitably arrives. Price hike has a serious effect on middle and lower class families. These two classes of society mostly earn a fixed amount of money per month. They always need to think twice before buying a good. When price of daily needs increases, they run into a big trouble. Sometimes they become deprived of basic needs and foods because of price hike. Alleviating price hike is a bit difficult. First of all, we have no control over natural calamities. What we can do is to save more than enough foods in the reserve, so that we don’t run into trouble if something unexpected is happened. Assigned authorities have to monitor market more frequently, so that syndicate can’t create forced shortage. Laws and regulations also should be more strict. Administration should conduct mobile courts frequently to make sure the laws and regulations are applied.

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