Water Pollution Paragraph for HSC and SSC

We present here a sample of Water Pollution Paragraph for HSC and SSC students. We also included the key topics, so that you can easily write the paragraph on your own with creativity.

Water Pollution Paragraph


  • Definition of water pollution
  • Importance of water in nature
  • The causes of water pollution
  • Bad effects of water pollution
  • Solution of water pollution
  • Summary of the above topics

Water pollution refers to the presence of impurities that are harmful elements in the water. Polluted water is a source of many deadly diseases that cause severe damage to human civilization. Water is an essential element of nature next to air is essential for human life. Earth compromises about 70% of water, where human and wildlife consume only 1% of fresh and healthy drinking water. When water gets polluted with dirt, dust, water vehicles, it is not safe for drinking and harmful to living beings. Water pollution is a severe environmental problem prevailing in our society. Human-made activities like intensive agriculture, urbanization, deforestation have escalated water bodies’ pollution. Throwing mills, factories and industrial waste into water, using fertilizers and insecticides, throwing oil, food and human waste, unsanitary latrines, unsafe drains are mainly responsible for water pollution. Water pollution leads to the destruction of the environment and its components. Water pollution also occurs due to natural causes like tsunami, cyclone, earthquake, volcanic eruption. Water pollution contains chemicals, toxic substances and germs that cause illness, such as cholera, dysentery, tuberculosis in the human body. Polluted water also destroys fish, plants and animal life. To tackle the growing crises due to water pollution, we should make people aware of this fact. As well as the Government should come forward and take comprehensive programs to solve water pollution. Chemical fertilizer and pesticide, mills and factories, water vehicles also should not be allowed to throw their waste materials into the water. Above all for a healthier life, all concerned must be conscious of keeping water free from pollution. We should keep in mind that water is not only an essential element, but also water is called life also.

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