Tomorrow 6 May, 2018 is My S.S.C Result

Hmm, yeah you heard right, tomorrow is my SSC result. A journey of 10 years academical education is ending up with a result tomorrow. Am I very tensed? Thinking too much about it? Crying if it goes wrong? Haha, these all are jokes to me. Believe me, I am listening to music right now and seem to enjoying the time.   

The result of any academical exams never influenced me badly till now. And the reason behind it is, the strong support of my family. My mother never accused me for result. She always supported me whatever I do. Yet, I attended two public exams and resulted 4.83 and 4.85 respectfully in P.S.C and J.S.C. These never disappointed me a lot. Like today, I didn’t feel much tensed on the previous day of publishing result in case of these exams as well.

Though, I could make it A+ in J.S.C if I would get A+ in Optional Subject “Krishi Shikkha” rather than A-. However, there’s need of luck and well handwriting to get A+ in Bangladesh! The knowledge you gained really doesn’t matter much in JSC, PSC or SSC. Maybe something different in HSC. Didn’t experienced it yet.

I know what is going to happen tomorrow. I am getting something around 4.8. Though, something can be different if Allah (the most powerful and merciful) wants. I am feeling a little bit melancholy for my mother. Actually, she worked very hard for me to get her a better result.

In the past two years, she never slept a morning over 5 AM. Every single day, she woke up at 5 AM, made early breakfast for me and prepared me for going to private and school. She really worked much harder than me in the past years to get me a G.P.A 5.0. And this will hurt me a bit if I miss A+. However, I am not thinking a lot about it.

I have both plan A and B to overcome the situation going to face tomorrow. So, let’s start with plan A, If I miss A+.

What will I do if I miss A+?

Well, the answer to the question is nothing special. I will simply try to get admitted into a college that
  1. is very simple
  2. will be less costly
  3. will provide quality education.

However, If I can’t be able to get admitted into a quality college, I will simple start leaving the classes. And will try to study at home using internet. I also have another plan, yeah this is related to blogging. I am thinking to start a new website that will contain contents of H.S.C syllabus. I want myself to design and program the website. Though, I don’t have any programming skill. But, I will learn and do it myself.

In the recent time, I started to find interests in programming. I already started to play with basic C programming. I want to get more skilled in programming one after one. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotics seem interesting to me. These are actually turning into my hobby these days. Have a plan to explore them being more focused If I miss A+.     
If I miss A+, I will focus more on practical and real life things that really matters rather than studying. I intent to make a backup earning source for the future. I will have to be self depended within H.S.C for some personal reasons. However, As I broke a dream before, I have to work much harder on my current dream. Yeah, I will focus on things that can help me becoming a entrepreneur. 
I lost a lots of skill trying to focus in study in the past two years. I have to regain those and thinking to work on it more attentively if I miss A+. I also have some other plans to work on. And I will talk about them later. However, now let’s talk about the plan B. 

What I will do, If I get A+? 

That’s a good question. I had a interest to get admitted into Notre Dame College. But, I didn’t prepare well after SSC exam to fight in the admission war for this. I will get a few days after the result. Will try my best to get prepared in this little time. However, there’s no problem even if I can’t get into there. I can easily get admitted into another quality college with this result. Few plans will be changed. I will focus on study with this inspiration. 

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