Fire in a Factory Report for HSC, SSC and Class 10, 11-12 Students

HSC 2017 Board Questions of Report Writ
ing. This report is suitable for students of HSC, SSC and Class 11-12, 10 Students.

Suppose, you are a reporter of a national daily. You are assigned to cover a massive fire in a factory. Now, write a report on it.


Shaifur Rahaman, Gazipur, Dhaka, 9 January, 2018:

A cruel fire accident took place at Gazipur Fashion LTD. garments factory today at Gazipur in Dhaka at about 3 pm. Approximately 70 percent of the factory was burnt and at least 30 workers were killed. 120 workers sent to hospital due to serious injuries.

Eye witnessed said that they suddenly saw fire in the garment factory approximately 2pm and they quickly informed the fire service. The fire burnt the building so fast that most of the people working there could come out. Besides the whole building covered with smoke. There were at least 400 workers inside the factory. Workers from the 1st floor hardly came out of the factory.

Rahim Miya, an employee of the factory, said that the fire started from the 2nd floor and gradually started to expend. It is assumed that reason of fire’s origination could be electric short circuit. Fire services and Civil defenses rushed to the spot immediately to extinguish and stop the expansion of fire. But the lackings of water source and over crowd hampered their recue operation.

However, the mass people also spontaneously took part in the rescue mission and cooperated them to reduce the fire quickly. It almost took 3 hours to bring the fire completely under control. The fire accident approximately claimed 30 workers life.

Police confirmed 23 deaths and took their dead bodies. The injured were admitted to different hospitals near Gazipur. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina expressed mourn for the accident and promised to properly compensate to their family. However a commitee has been formed to investigate and prevent such accidents in future.

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