5 Reasons Why Minion Rush is My Favorite Game

Minion Rush takes first place in my list of favorite games. Obviously, who doesn’t love the yellowish and funny minions? I have been using the Android operating system for 8 years. Played thousands of distinct games. But why is this one my favorite?

Unique Ideas

Some of you may find similarities of this game with Temple Run 2 or Subway Surfers. I would say, there are maybe similarities but the idea of Minion Rush is completely different than these two. The game contains the various levels and stages that is compatible with the Despicable Me Movie.
5 Reasons Why Minion Rush is My Favorite Game
The unique idea of bringing all the characters to the game really fascinates me. And also the villains’ fight in the last stage is impressive. Minions’ acts and movements are funny as well.

Great Game Design

The game certainly owns the honor of best game design awards as per my observation. Colors of the various labs and longues are simply cool. The roads where Minions run are also astonishing.
Different kinds of costumes that Minions wear are perfectly created as the movie. The secret areas and stages designed in an impressive way. I liked the beach runway most. Al Machos Longue is my most favorite mission.

Simple Interface

Do you know the size of this multi-featured game is only 75 MBs? It has been possible only for the simple interface. This is obviously not a heavy game like PubG.
You can easily run this game in a low configuration mobile. And also it seems to never get any lagging issues. I can smoothly run Minion Rush on my medium configuration device.

Smooth Gameplay

Unlike Temple Run 2 or Subway Surfers, this game contains very smooth gameplay. I never found any issues while playing the game. This becomes one of the major reasons that excites me to love Minion Rush game.
You can rarely find this kind of quality gameplay nowadays. Luckily, the authority brought this amazing game for us!

Easy to Play

If you experienced the game, you must notice – there is nothing to do without controlling the little minion. It is pretty easy. With a little bit of practice, you can easily master it. I took only 3 days to become literally a master.
There is no doubt that Minion Rush has huge popularity over the users. These are my reasons, don’t forget to share yours in the comment.

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