How Android Device helps Me in Daily life

Android Device, it is a very popular word in these days. We generally think its only for enjoying life, to add include extra pleasure to us by playing games, watching movies, listening songs and many other things. It is must say, We may use it as an entertaining thing only. But, We should also think and believe that, it helps in daily life as well. Yeah, If we consider and look forward, indeed, then, we will surely see, it really helps in the routine of our daily life.

Android helps by its features and its apps. There are a billion Android Apps in Google Play Store. I can say, all of those made having the purpose of helping users. Because, They know if they can’t give opportunities to users, then their made app is useless and users will select it as low rating app and then their account reputation will get in the poor quality. So, Considering it, they won’t make useless apps. Then, every app is helpful for us and there are apps that help in daily life works! However, here I am describing some helps that we get from Android Smartphone Device, let’s know those.

How Android Device helps Me in Daily life

Here, we are and ready to know how helps android devices in daily life’s routine.

Wake up me in the morning by Alarming:

Android Alarming in the Morning

Android Alarming in the Morning

I am pretty sure that, who has Android device, He/She doesn’t use a clock for Alarming, Why clock? If there is a much better opportunity to set the alarm? We can easily fix a time in Android Device and make an alarm? Then, Android Device will start Alarming at that certain time. So easy huh ?
Then, why we can’t say it helps in daily life?

Help as GPS to access location:

Android Device's GPS Feature

Android Device’s GPS Feature

If you brought an Android Smartphone Device that has GPS feature, then you will be able to use your device as a GPS receiver (Which is also considerable as GPS). GPS feature will help you to know where you are at right now? And it will assist to find out the way where you want to go! If you are a driver, then you can easily use the Android Device as GPS in your car. So, your driving will be more easier with the feature. Because, It will let you know where you are and what is the front of you? So you can easily drive by the Signal of GPS. After considering it, we can also say that, it is also part of daily life helping.

Help to read Books, Save Books to read later:

Android Device helps to read Ebook

Android Device helps to read Ebook

May you already heard the name PDF, yeah PDF. Which can be opened with Adobe Reader. The PDF format is quite like a book. It says, Ebook. By this you can easily get the pdf version of a book from online and load it to your Android and start reading it through your android device. All of Android Device supports Adobe Reader and it is a built in app as well. It includes more interest to read books, if it can be read by Android. So it also helps in daily life. Again, you can also save the PDF version of the book on your android phone and save it for reading later

Give you the weather of your location:

Hey, Have you looked at the Weather Widget on Your Android? Just go to the menu and head over to “WIDGETS” swipe left until getting the Weather widget, after getting it, drag it to the home screen. So, It will show the weather of your location. (Note: it requires internet).

To Watch TV and Live Streaming:

You may already know that, by Android Device, you can watch TV and live streaming of anything. Imagine, you have an important TV show to watch or you have to watch the live streaming of something, but unfortunately you can’t access the Computer, then? You won’t be able to watch?
No, you can watch, as you have android device. Open a JavaScript supported browser, and get the link of TV streaming or live streaming and start watching! I think, it is also a part of helping in daily life.

Let us the Access of Bank Account to Transfer, Send and Receive Money:

Almost banks have their own Android App to let their users, to transfer, send and receive money through their Android Device. There is also PayPal, Master Card,Credit Card which can be accessed by Android Phone and you can easily access the account of those by android device. And the bank, which has not their own android app is trying to build it.

Give us opportunities to improve Education Quality

Yeah, you can get helps from your Android device in your study by installing some apps. Android Device helps a lot in education if you can use this in the right place. For example, to get help in the calculation you can use Calculator apps, and there are more apps which are ready to help you at study, find out those and use those.

There are more opportunities that an Android Device gives, though may, I can’t reveal those or I can’t mind up those. I was minding just above these, I guess you can also include some more by commenting, thanks and hope to get more interesting android helps from you

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