APPLE IPAD AIR 2 Vs SAMSUNG NOTE 5 – Is it worth comparing?

Huh, now this is great to compare the top rivals in the history of smart gadgets. Apple and Samsung are famously known for their rivalry. Okay, let us not talk on that, but rather we would compare the latest iPad Air 2 to Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Each of it has its own brand value, pros, cons and sexier design (iPad Air 2).

We are not yet sure of the design of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 yet the leaked specs and rumors somehow shatter the awesomeness of it. Let us compare a few technical features, screen size etc.



There is something you must know on iPad Air 2, isn’t it? The brand Apple can alone define how that product would be. Apple is always famous for its products as they are very minimum issues. Unlike any other flagships in the market, Apple products could stand for a long time in the user hands with no technical issues.

The brand had gained its name for this only reason. Apart from this, what else does it have? Heavy prices, less specifications, delay in the release of products that hold the newly released technologies. Everything seems to be too bad, nevertheless, the products works absolutely fine as they should.

Coming to the Apple’s iPad Air 2, it is the latest release of Apple along with iPad Mini 3. Apple iPad Air 2 was released in the month October of 2014. The device is so slim, in fact thinner than any other iPad’s or tablets. Weight, is so light that you wouldn’t feel at all in your hands. Design, is so amazing that you would fall in love immediately at the very particular instance you have a glance at it.

Size, is somehow perfect which suits people who would love to watch videos in bigger screens and also carry very easily.

What not? iPad Air 2 has almost all the better features compared to any other previous releases of Apple. Let us now get into the specifications of iPad Air 2.


  • LED backlit IPS LCD display, (capacitive touch screen)
  • Scratch resistant glass.
  • No memory card slot(as usual)
  • Variants based on Internal Memory: 16/64/128GB
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Processor – Triple Core clocked at 1.5 GHz
  • 8 MP autofocus primary camera (3264 x 2448 pixels)
  • Secondary Camera: 1.2MP, FaceTime feature and face detection both.
  • Video: 1080p@30fps and 720p@120fps.
  • OS: iOS 8.1, upgradable to iOS 8.1.1
  • Available Colors: Gold, Space Gray, Silver
  • Battery: Non removable Li-Po

The iPad Air 2 is 18% thinner compared to other iPad’s. 6.1MM thin and weighs around 0.96 Pounds. iPad Air 2 does not just have a thinner display, but also have a better display with 9.7″ display size having resolution of 2048, 3.1 Million pixels, i.e.; 264 Pixels per inch.

iPad Air 2 was built with 64-bit architecture that gives 2.5* faster graphics and 40% faster CPU. Surfing or downloading through WiFi on iPad Air 2 is faster than any other previous versions of iPads. It also includes TouchID, the Fingerprint security. The processor in the iPad Air 2 is the A8X processor, a superfast one from Apple unit. The price of this tablet ranges around 35,000 INR.


Now, it’s time to compare the two rivals. Of which one is already released and available in the market and the other is yet to arrive after some time.


With iPad Air 2 having just 8MP Primary camera, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is believed to have 20.9MP Primary Camera. But, the camera quality is what that matters. iPad Air 2’s picture quality could be slightly better than the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 even there is a huge difference in the megapixels. Talking about secondary camera, Note 5 would beat iPad Air 2 as its expected to feature 5 megapixels camera whereas the Air 2 holds 1.2 MP.


The speed factor comes from Processor and RAM. The rumored phablet Note 5 is expected to feature 4 Gigs of RAM and Dodeca-core processor while iPad Air 2 has just 2GB and 1.5 GHz triple core processor. This clearly speaks out who is the winner, isn’t it?

Operating System:

Obviously the OS in Note 5 is going to be Android which reduces speed though other clumsy in-built apps from Samsung may make it fall aside. While the Air 2 is featuring iOS 8.1 upgradable to 8.1.1 iOS. This makes no one a winner though the perfect winning choice is of the user only.


Hah! Samsung got Apple here. iPad Air 2 is not water resistant while Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will be holding waterproof, dustproof and probably shockproof body.


The expected price of Samsung Note 5 is around 60,000 INR while the iPad Air 2 is available at around 35,000. The price changes according to the variants you choose. But, to enjoy more features, the price would definitely be higher. So, we cannot judge these two in the price factor.

However, Apple’s iPad Air 2 and Galaxy Note 5 are less similar to each other. The difference in the branding is the only constraint that separates these. For the money you spend, both of these would be a good option. Both devices have some aspects different from each other though the winner seems to be the future device Note 5. So, its worth comparing both of the great devices.

What you guys think whether both devices were worth comparing or not? Do comment below to give your feedback.

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