Tricks to Increase Blog Traffic in 2020

Now blogging is a field and many bloggers are jumping in the field to play blogging. And Traffic or Visitors are thing to win blogging. And many bloggers are struggling to win blogging and so they are making blog and trying to increase blog traffic and for their I am writing How to Increase Blog Traffic.

I think, this post will help you to win blogging cup. In there win and cup means is success. Someone takes blogging professionally. I am a new blogger that, jumped on the blogging field and I am increasing my blog traffic day by day quickly So Today I will describe How to Increase Blog Traffic for New Bloggers. Some people are growing Websites to improving their business with Websites and they are increasing their websites traffic to branding their company over the world.

Above all things have needed to increase traffic like if you want to do blogging then you need traffic to be successful and if you want to branding your company then you also need traffic to expand it. Everyday is growing many many blogs to make some earn with blogs and growing Websites to expanding their company to people and make popular their company. So clear that if you want to do anything with blogs/websites then you have must need traffic or visitors.

I think, Traffic is very important thing for Blogs and Websites. So We have need to know How to Increase Blog traffic to improve our blog and expanding our company. In a Word, Any Bloggers won’t be successful until gets more visitors or traffic.

Making blog is very easy but Increasing traffic is very hard. Basically, A new blog traffic improves slowly and a new blog takes more time to increase their visitors. But You can up your traffic increasing speed I mean you can increase it easily and quickly as a result= You will win blogging cup easily.

My blog traffic also increasing quickly day by day and Today I am sharing my strategies step by step which I am using behind it. I hope I will be won in blogging soon. These all strategies and techniques are effective and I think that, These all will help you to increase blog traffic. OK Now We have known Importance of Traffic or Visitors to get success or branding a company. So Now We are going to know How to Increase Blog Traffic? Let’s move on.

Write High Quality Unique Content Regularly:

In a Word, Unique Content is king always. I think, It is the Best way to Increase Blog traffic fast. Visitors and Search engine both like High Quality Unique Content. If you can make happy Search engines then Search engines will let you high rank and if you can make happy visitors then visitors will visit your blog everyday.

Be aware don’t make content to happy Search engine Make Content to happy visitors. If you are successful to make happy visitors then search engine will be happy automatically and search engine let you high rank. Search engines and Visitors both like to get regular content so if you write high quality unique content regularly then you will get more visitors. As a result, High rank = More visitors. So try to write high quality unique content regularly.

Make your Website/Blog load speed fast and mobile responsive:

If you want to get high ranking on Google then You must need fast load speed and mobile responsive Website/Blog. It makes your blog SEO-Friendly. Visitors like the fast load speed blog to visiting fast your pages. Now Google is considering which are fast load blogs and pushed up that blog. If your blog load speed is terrible, then Google will kick you from the first page and visitors will press back buttons without visiting your blog. So be careful and make your blog load faster than before.

Share Your Blog Posts on All Social Networks:

Generally, We are sharing our posts on some social networks. We should share our blog posts on all social networks. It is a very effective way to increase traffic. Particularly share our blog posts on most popular social networks Google + , Facebook, Twitter and Likedin.

Twitter just topped 465 million registered accounts, Facebook has over 850 million active users , Google+ has nearly 100 million and LinkedIn is over 130 million. So Now you think that How many visitors you will get if you share your blog posts on those social networks.

If you share your blog posts on Google + then your search results will improve and you will get a lot of opportunity from Google. Besides these social networks share your blog posts on other social networks like Stumbleupon, Reddit , and others . These social networks will help you to get more visitors and get more backlinks.

So share your blog posts on other all popular social networks. Really my 15% traffic or visitors are coming from Stumbleupon, Reddit , , Digg and also 30% visitors coming from Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. So now consider yourself that you share your blog post on social networks or not? Make a fan page on Facebook and Google+ and Twitter and starting update your blog post to share your blog posts on your status also.

Blog Commenting:

Blog commenting is another super strategy to increase blog traffic. Blog commenting also help you to get more high quality backlinks. Be aware don’t try to do spam in blog commenting just make blog commenting naturally. I am getting more visitors and more high quality backlinks from blog commenting. If you make high quality blog commenting then you will get more high quality backlinks from blog commenting. Really it is the best and easy way to get high quality backlinks and more traffic. I like this way to bring more traffic and make more backlinks. I am getting more high quality backlinks and more traffic from blog commenting for only making high quality comments. I have some strategies to make high quality blog commenting you can see these strategies to read this post : How to make high quality blog comments. So start blog commenting toady with my strategies. Keep it mind, of course you make blog comments on your blog relevant blog. I hope below strategy will help you to find out your blog relevant blog to do blog commenting:

Search it on Google: your niche + blog . Write your blogging niche on your niche and search it on Google.

Guest Blogging:

It is most common and most used technique to increase blog traffic and high quality backlinks. Google like those backlinks and traffic which are coming with Guest blogging and If you do Guest blogging then you and the blog owner (That blog where you will guest blogging) between will make a good relationship. Though till now I have no guest posts on other blogs. Because, I don’t like to do guest blogging Now I am thinking that, I will do guest blogging. So I will submit some guest posts on other blogs soon. So You also start guest blogging with me. It will help you a lot.

Use Share Buttons on Posts:

If any visitors like your posts then he/she will want to share your posts on his/her social networks profile and then his/her followers and friends will see your post’s links and if they like your post’s title then she/he will come to your blog to read your post more.

So now consider it yourself that you will add social share buttons in your blog posts or not? I am also using social share buttons on my blog posts and getting some traffic from social networks. If you want to use Social Share buttons then use a plugin or if you are using blogspot then you choose a template that have social share buttons.

Use Relevant Photos on your every posts:

If you use relevant photos on every post then visitors will be happy and it makes your posts nice looks. Or if make a tutorial post then if you use relevant photos on your blog posts then your visitors will understand easily which you want to mean. So start using relevant photos on your blog posts. Many search engines are pushing up some contents which have relevant photos. So why are you waiting ? Start it today.

Make perfect Design on your blog:

Design is not a big thing to get high rank and get more visitors or traffic. Don’t use too much Ads in your blog and Use a Responsive theme. Visitors don’t like too many ads they are coming to your blog for learning something. Don’t make your blog visitors angry because visitors is the life of your blog. Just use a Simple Design Visitors like simple design. And make an Awesome navigation. It will help your blog visitors to visits your every page. Also Make About us , Contact us page these pages will help you to get Google Adsense and high rank.

Use ALT tags on all photos:

Now peoples are searching photos with Google Image. And ALT tags will help people to find out your photos and if anyone like your photos then he/she will come to your blog (You blog link will be published upon photos). And many search engines like ALT tags and they will he happy if you use ALT tags on photos. So don’t miss this opportunity use it right time and start using ALT tags on your photos to increase your blog traffic.

Join in Forum Sites:

You can increase your blog traffic by answering questions on forum sites. Don’t let your blog link directly just provide your blog link with signature. If you do that You will get more traffic and powerful backlinks which will help you to get high rank on search engines. To answer peoples questions.

Ensure that your answer is high quality. It will help you to get more traffic. If any people like your answer then he/she will want to visit your blog then you will get an opportunity to provide your blog link and then you will get more traffic and high quality backlinks. So let’s try with forum sites.

Tag your posts link in your posts:

Tag means let you blog posts link to other posts by relevant words. It will help your blog visitors to know more about which you write in your blog about the post topic. It also helps you to increase more page views and improve bounce rate. If your visitors know more about which he/she want to know then he/she can love your blog and he/she will visit your blog every day. You can see my every point of writing I have added some links in the post that tell tag. It is really helping me. So You also start it.

Add Related Posts option on Your Blog:

Hey, Look at after the post and See Some posts have on there called Related Posts that tell Related Posts option. It is helping my blog traffic to get more posts like that post. It is improving my bounce rate and increasing my blog page views. So if you want to increase your blog traffic then add a related posts option and help your blog traffic to get more posts like such post.

You can Add this related posts option easily with a plugin or If you are using Blogger then Find out a Template which have related posts option. I have added my related posts option with ” Yet Another Related Posts Plugin “. You can add this if you are using WordPress.

Connect Your Social networks profile with Your Blog:

Some visitors will come to your blog which are very busy they have no time to visit your blog everyday. So you should to make an opportunity and should keep them. To do that, You need to connect your social networks profile with your blog.

They are busy but they are checking social networks site everyday so when they come to your blog then they will subscribe your blog by email or they will like your Google + page or they will like your Facebook fan page to get your blog updating every day.

As a result= they are visiting your blog everyday with Social networks profile. So you should connect to your blog with social networks profile and update your social networks status with your blog posts link. I am also starting that. You can like my Facebook page or Google + Page or Twitter to get our regular updating.

To Do connect your Social Networks to your blog Please search it on Google to get solved.

Don’t Try to Over Optimize Your Blog:

Everything has a rule to do that right way. In blogging also like that. Don’t try to over optimize your blog like don’t make over low quality backlinks. If you do that then Search engine will kick you and rolled out you from the first page and search engine marks you as a spammer. And don’t try to do over design on your blog. Please maintain range of everything.

Add Popular Posts Widgets on Your Blog:

Popular posts widget will help your blog traffic to get your blog popular posts. As your some posts have been Popular that means, You posts like some traffic So these posts can like your other traffic. So add this widget to help your blog visitors to find out your blog popular posts and It will help you to increase your page views. Till Now I have no Popular posts widget in my blog I am thinking now to add a popular posts widget and I am finding it. When I will get it then I will add it as soon as possible.

Help Your Blog Traffic As Much As You can:

In this way, You can keep your blog traffic regular. If you help them by comments then They will visit your blog regularly to get more help from your blog. So try to help your blog as much as you can. I am also trying to help my visitors as much as I can. And Some traffic has been regular visitors of my blog. So you can try this method.

Use CommentLuv Plugin:

This is another effective way to increase blog traffic. When Anyone will comment on your blog then It will make an opportunity to add your visitors recently blog posts. This plugin is enough to make happy your blog traffic. It will help your blog visitors to make more backlinks and increase their blog traffic.

So they will come again and again to increase their blog traffic and backlinks. As a result= Your Blog Traffic will be Increased. Every blogger want to help their visitors and they want to make happy their blog visitors and It is the best and easy way to do it. So let’s try with it. Use this plugin consider your ability like if you have ability to buy this premium then you will get a lot of opportunity.

For example: If you use premium version then This plugin will help you to increase your blog traffic ( with a different way) , Facebook likes, Twitter followers and Google + followers. See how below:

When a visitor will comment on your blog then he/she can add a post from his/her most recently 1 post But if he/she share your blog post to his/her Twitter or Google+ or Facebook profile then he/she will get access to choose 10 most recently posts from his/her blog. So if he/she share your blog posts on social medias then she/he’s all followers or friends will see your blog posts link and they will come to your blog. They can also follow or like your blog. So as a result= Your Followers or Fans and Traffic will be increased soon.

If you use free version then you will not get these opportunity. No problem, If you use free version then your blog visitors will be happy. It just not help you to increase your twitter followers, Google + followers or facebook fans. But It will help you to increase your blog traffic.

Check Your Grammar And Spell Errors:

Traffics and Search engine both want to high quality content without grammar and spelling errors. So try to publish your post without spell errors and grammar errors. To Solve it You can use Ginger Grammar Checker. It is helping to solve my grammar errors and spell errors. Really It is Super And Best Grammar and Spell checker. You can use it free from below link.

Final Words:

If you are a new blogger then try to maintain these steps. Try to do these slowly don’t try to do early. Step by Step try to increase your blog visitors. I hope your blog will be improved in soon. I think these steps will help you a lot. No more today I guess this is a full guide for new bloggers for increasing blog traffic. And It’s my last speak that, Don’t be Disappointed always. I hope your blogging journey will be shining.

Please share this post on social networks to help us and inspiring us and Please stay connected with us via Social networks to get our regular updating.

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