Minion Rush APK, iPA & for PC Free Download

Minion Rush APK is a huge popular runner game for Android devices which is based on the cartoon movie Despicable Me. Overcrowded installs took the game into the top list of the play store. You must enjoy the Minion characters in the movie, and now you can download Minion Rush and play with them in real life. Run, roll, and jump into the limitless world to enjoy the best graphic scenes and find bananas.

These funny characters are surely take away your boredom. Overwhelm your deepest heart with the exciting fun of the imaginary world. So, jump into the world of adventures, find the tasty fruits running by the minions, and help Gru make the best jelly.  This blog will help and guide you throughout the journey from installing to playing it.

How to Install Minion Rush on Android

There are two alternative ways to install this amazing game on your android. You can easily find the game on playstore by searching the name of it. The other way is, to get the apk of Minion Rush game from the web and then install it. Free apk of the game is available on many sites. However, just get one of them, but be very of avoiding viruses.

Getting it on Play

Sign in to the play store whatever it is Apple or Google and search for Minion Rush. And you will find the page below.

Installing the Apk:

Go to the file where you kept the Apk. Just click on the file and you will encounter something like the picture below.
Now just click on install and follow other steps accordingly to reach the page like below.
Final step is to delete the apk and click on open. After it, the game may wait sometime for the update it needs.

Install Minion Rush For PC, Laptop or Windows, Mac

This game is now released officially for windows but not mac. But we can trick a bit and play it on mac based computer by using a compiler. In this tutorial, we will use the best of the market, the Bluestacks. For windows based computers, you can easily install the game from Microsoft Apps.
  • Get Bluestacks from their official website from here.
  • Download and Install it following proper instructions.
  • Then, go over the search option and search for Minion Rush.
  • And finally, click on install. It may take a few whiles to complete the installation.

Install Minion Rush on iOS (Iphone, Ipad)

You will be very glad to know that Despicable Me: Minion Rush game is also available for iOS operated devices. Installing the game for iOS is very easy. There are two different methods to do it.

Getting Minion Rush ipa:

It is the easiest way to install the game on your iOS phones. Just get an ipa of Minion Rush and follow the steps below:
  • Go to the file where you saved ipa.
  • Then click on Install and properly follow the instructions given there.

Install from Appstore

if you have an Appstore account then just sign in into it. After it, go to the search bar and write “Minion Rush” and you will find the game in the 1st place. No need to waste time, click on Install quickly.

How to Play Despicable Me Game

The idea of this game is very simple, to find bananas and explore all the locations featured in the movie. You have to show and gain skills of the runner Minion and control it to get more fruits. But there will be a lot of obstacles, you need to jump, slide and dodge to avoid them. There will be a lots of daily tasks, by finishing them you will be skilled up to the next level.
In every location, there will be some hidden secret areas. As an adventure, you need to present advanced running and acrobatic skills to acquire them. Daily special missions are updated regularly. So, by completing them, a user will earn points to level up. There are also a lots of awaiting prizes that needed to be collected after every match.

Tips and Tricks

Here you will get all the latest tips and tricks of Minion Rush game. By using these wisely, you will be able to efficiently play the game and level up more quickly. There are many tricks, you will get used to them by self-playing. I will share some worthy ones.
  • Watch free ads to get more bananas or coins. Or you can use your credit to buy bananas.
  • Always try to trade your bananas to upgrade various equipment. This will boost up your ability to collect more bananas.
  •  Connecting to various social media like Facebook or Twitter will help to gain more Gru token.
  • Remember, there will be some hard levels, you need to use the evil minions to pass them easily. So, always try to save the evilest minions for the tougher levels.
  •  You have to be conscious and wise while using bananas to upgrade power-ups. In this case, look up at the levels and select the right power-ups for that specific one.
  • A lot of gift codes will pop up in the screen in appropriate time. Keep them and use them to power up Minions.
  •  There are rewards for logging in. So try to at least log in once a day to get more rewards.


To understand the basic idea of a game, you always need to watch gameplay. It also helps you learn the basic controls and initial doings. We picked up the best gameplays of Despicable Me game here.
Minion Rush APK, iPA & for PC Free Download


Minion Rush is a thrilling adventure game where you collect bananas and complete various missions to help Gru. The game is as great as the movie. It is designed with high-quality graphics and stunning features to attract users.  We will gradually review the game in two sections.


Minion Rush game contains all the locations with lively and quality graphics from the actual movie. You will be able to explore all the areas where Gru and girls lived. Minions were struck in the Egyptian pyramids and the prisons. These areas are also included in-game to feel you more adventurous.
There are beaches, parks, cities, and a temple where you will chase to collect bananas. All the locations are designed with vivid colors and amazing graphics to provide you a great running experience. We all know that Minions love some weird costumes. The game has various alluring costumes to dress up them.
Surprisingly, each costume contain a few special power-ups and skills. There’s also a collection of captivating shoes to equip up the minions to run fast. All these features made the game a super one!

Rating and Game Details

Despicable Me game has an extraordinary average ratting of 4.4 on playstore among more than 10 million reviews. According to the editors, it carries 4 out of 5 rating in Gameplay and Graphics and 3.9 in Controls. Minion Rush has more 100 million downloads. The size of this game is 75 mb with several updates.  It is developed by Gameloft SE.
Hope you liked our complete guide to play Minion Rush  for free.

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