Minion Rush Hacks, Cheats with a Few Tips and Tricks

You must be in lover with Minion Rush aka Despicable ME game. It is undoubtedly one of the best, a seductive and addictive game released ever. You probably spent hours playing the game to reach upper levels. Had a hard time collecting GRU tokens, bananas, and fruits to come closer to the jelly lab? No problem, we commutated a total guide for you to ease the game experience.

Yes, we will share all the tips and tricks of Minion Rush game. So, you don’t need to spend real money to buy these things. Though, you can spend money to buy power-ups. But why you should spend money when you can freely learn to achieve all the challenges by using some simple and easy tips?

Collect Bananas as Many as Possible

While you are running in the game, you will find plenty of bananas floating around. Never miss a single banana! With the help of these bananas, you can buy various power-ups and costumes. Powerups like Freeze Rays, Minion shield, Banana Splitter, Golden Shied or Fluffy unicorn will help you boost up the banana collecting process.
Collecting more bananas will also help you to complete daily tasks and get a mission scaled up quickly. To get more bananas, you can replay the completed levels. And when you have enough amount of stocked bananas, then consider passing to the next level.

Use Golden Banana if you can afford

Golden Banana is a super cool tool to use in this game. But the problem is, it costs almost 5 USD. If you can afford it, you should absolutely buy it. Because it will make your collected bananas double every time after a play. So, it is worth buying it.

Watch Free Video Ads to Earn Bananas

There are many videos that will come ahead of you. Even, after every play, you will get one that offers 500 bananas. Try to watch them all as they will provide you with a huge amount of free bananas. At very first levels, you will get 500 bananas for watching a 30 seconds video ad.
Minion Rush Hacks, Cheats with a Few Tips and Tricks
The number of bananas reward per video ad will increase commensurating with your levels. The higher levels the higher amount of bananas. Even, after completing every daily task and mission, you will have the opportunity to double the number of bananas, tokens, and scores by watching ads.

Buy Power-ups and Costumes Wisely

When you will have a good amount of Bananas, then look up at the power-ups and costumes that commensurate with you. Always try to trade Bananas to buy the power-ups that you need. These will help you scoring fast and collect more Bananas in the future runs.
Minion Rush Hacks, Cheats with a Few Tips and Tricks
I personally like the Freeze Rays and Banana Splitter power-ups. Banana Vacuum is also a very good tool. You can run automatically without any obstacles when using it. And also it collects all the bananas automatically. Fluffy Unicorn helps best to pick up more bananas.
Various costumes have special features that will help to complete the missions. If you have enough Bananas, then try to buy the costumes too.

Connect Facebook and Sign-in Daily:

Many of the Minion Rush players always ask how to get more GRU tokens. Actually, it is the best way to get these precious tokens. When you have connected your Facebook account to the game, you will get 1 GRU token per day. Not only that, but you can also share and posts various achievements of the game with your friends.
So, if you don’t have a FB account, then create one right now and link it up with the game. Try to log in every day, at least once.
Note: Try to watch a video ad after login, the amount of token will be double.  

Activate Evil Minions in the tough Challenges

Be sure that, there will be many tough challenges that you may not complete easily. And also there are a few locations that contain harder obstacles but offer comparatively more bananas.
After you have successfully unlocked PX41 serum, you will have the access to Evil Minions. In these cases above, always try to use an Evil Minion, it will destroy all the obstacles and provide you with huge bananas.
Hope you liked these tips and tricks of Minion Rush game. Please share it to inspire us!

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