Free Time Management Apps that Improved My Productivity by 175%

As a college student, time management is a vital and one of the most important task for me. I guess time management is equally important for all of you. Doing the right task at appropriate period makes us disciplined and efficient.

When you contemplate about time management, you must thought about making a routine. Hey man, it’s not time for that. You shouldn’t try making a routine in a note sitting in a table. The time management has already become much easier.

In this post, I will share how I have improved my productivity by 175% using a combination of apps. Don’t worry, you won’t need to purchase anything, these apps are completely free.

Google Keep

First, I use google keep to make a draft plan for the day. There are many other note taking apps, you can use them as well. However, I try to make the plan in the morning. Free Time Management Apps that Improved My Productivity by 175%
And then, I make a list based on the priority. I keep the important tasks in the top and less important in the bottom.


Then, I take one task from top of the list that I previously made. Then I move it to the app named Flip. You can use Focus app instead of it. But there are a few issues with focus. We will cover that up in the last session. Free Time Management Apps that Improved My Productivity by 175%
And then I start the time tracking, after completing a 25 minutes session, I take break. And thus I complete the task. After completing one task, I take a small break and then bring another task to Flip.
Free Time Management Apps that Improved My Productivity by 175% As one task is completed, I feel better. And thus I make sure all the tasks from the list are completed. Now, let’s discuss,

Why I chose Flip instead of Focus?

This app may seem unknown to you. But believe me, it is one of the best and useful app for productive people. Especially, for the students. It is basically a complete time counter and tracker app.
Flip is a literally free app, and you can track all the stats and hours you spent in various tasks. You can also divide the task in various categories and track them. Free Time Management Apps that Improved My Productivity by 175% But, to get the free version free, you need to complete a 7 days consecutive 2 hours time track with flip. But you can’t get this in Focus. However, there are a few more apps that I currently don’t use, but can be beneficial for you.


This is the app that I trust most while making a routine with a view to accomplish specific new habits. The design, concept and UI of this app is really great.

TimeTune helps you to make routine and also schedule for any plans. You can easily set up routine for managing time using this app.
It also reminds with a notification according to the time you settled in the routine. I have been using this amazing app for almost a year and quite satisfied with it.

As a student, I have to follow a disciplined routine to accomplish the studies and homeworks of college. You may try this app to make a virtual routine that is more smarter that old crappy paper routine.


This app is actually made providing importance for students. Todait is also a great study planner app that will help you making a routine. Not only this, Todait will also help you to maintain the routine by reminding with notifications.
Todait helps making new habits and also helps you to track them. If you are keen to be a disciplined student, you must try it. Todait motive is to help routine studying students. So if you are willing to be productive and efficient, use this amazing app to manage your time!


If you could pay for a better time management app, then this is the best for you. Though, this app offers a free version. I also used free version for a while, but it couldn’t satisfy me. But, Engross really offers amazing features in the paid version.
It helps you tracking your goal, making routine and managing your important time. We mostly get distracted while studying or working. And this causes a huge time loss. Engross helps you avoiding destruction and help you moving forward to accomplish your goal. So, get this app from play store and be more productive.


Speaking frankly, I haven’t used this app for a long period. But this app seems to be a good one for those who are interested to make new habits.

It helps tracking your habit and goals. HabitHub also has a lots of features to help you accomplishing your goal. Hope these helped you, don’t forget to share the post.

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