Angry Birds Stella APK Download for Android

Angry Birds Stella APK is ready to be downloaded from here. It is an awesome Android Game which is already launched for iOS, named: Angry Birds Stella iOS Game. The story of this game has been provided in the url given above. It will give you a huge pleasure while you will play it on your Android. Angry Birds Stella Apk is an alternative version of Angry Birds Android Game.

Angry Birds Stella Apk for Android is also a good rating Android App on Google Play Store. It has 4.3 Average Rating among total 184,168 users rating. The game was last updated on 9, 2014. Angry Birds Stella Apk is made by Rovio Mobile LTD’s developer. However, below we have given some features of the game.

Angry Birds Stella iOS Game's Picture

Angry Birds Stella Android Game

Angry Birds Stella Apk has some features, we have revealed those in the post: click here to get it. The size of Angry Birds Android Game is 47 MB. It has been downloaded 5,000,000 – 10,000,000+ times on Google Play Store. The game is running on 1.0.2 version currently. Angry Birds Stella Apk requires 4 or 4+ Android Operating System’s version to be played on your device.

Angry Birds Stella APK Download for Android:

However, you can download the direct apk of Angry Birds Stella Android game. You can also directly install the game from Play Store on your android device. Anyway, we have given both links on below, click either and download the direct apk.

Angry Birds Stella Apk Download

The first link of the direct apk download link and second is the google play store’s link. Clicking on the first link, you will be able to download the apk of Angry Birds Stella directly and later you can install it on your android device. However, hope you have downloaded the android game. Enjoy Angry Birds Stella Apk.

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