Best Free Calling Apps for Android in 2020

I am going to provide a great review of Top 5 Free Android Apps for free Calling and Chatting. It is a time that, without communication we are totally isolated. Some apps makes video and audio calls for free. Just you have to install a calling app on your android and your opposite people android. After it you can talk with him free. Now almost people are using those free apps. You can find out people which are living around your society. Many people have created a communication through those free android apps with their friends and family members. For Example, I am talking and chatting through my computer Skype software and Facebook with my brother(he is using android app to talk with me).

You can use those apps for communicating with your friends or others. Many people are creating accounts on those apps. You can find out unknown people and talk with him/her. Sharing photos is usually in there. Many people are sharing their photos with known people. Even They are talking video with their known people it calls, Video Call. To do it just you have to click on Video Call button which is common on those free android apps. Below I have given some details of photo sharing, chatting, calling and video calling. OK let’s move to know it.

  • Audio Calling: It is the first step of calling on those apps. You can talk audio with your wants people without watching his/her face. You will get instructions about audio calling from those apps. While you are on calling then you can record voice.
  • Video Calling: Through it, you can watch your dear face even he/she will also watch your face. In this calling system, included audio calling system also. Audio Calling + watching face = Video Calling. The Video Calling system is demand of people. So many apps are adding this opportunity to their apps for free.
  • Chatting: In this case, you can’t talk through live call. It is similar with below: You have to send a message and in a second that will send to your opposite chatter. There are many emoticons to share your emotions with your chatter. There have allowed to share your photos with your friends.

This blog is not for sucking times. So I don’t want to suck anymore times. Below I have written reviews and provided a download link of those apps. Look up below: 

Top 5 Free Android Apps for Calling and Chatting Download:

Best Free Calling Apps for Android in 2020

It is the main factor that, You can Free talk, video talk and chat with anyone. May be previous line was the main and best features of those apps. So let’s move to download those free android apps. 

1: Viber

Best Free Calling Apps for Android in 2020

I rolled it to first in the list of Top 5 Free Android Apps for Free Calling and Chatting. First, I considered all features of this app and then I went to see ratings. Both are wonderful as well as appropriate to be rolled top placed in this list. This app made by Viber Media Inc. Over the world more than 200 million people are using viber on their computer as well as the Android. You can send text to your friends it calls chat. It is the best and super feature that, this app will make high quality HD calls. It helps to listen your opposite person speak clearly or you use video calls then it will help you for watching high quality video and speak. It has also a feature which allowed to Share videos, photos, voice messages, stickers , Text message, locations, and emoticons with your connectivity people. To make a conversation more funny they have a market where you will get a huge amount of stickers and funny messages. Viber makes a notification of calls or messages which will be pushed automatically. Even if your phone is off it will help for never miss a call or message. If your opposite person viber have on a computer then you can also do all things with him through your android. Viber will check your phone number contact list and after checking if they got any contact number which have on Viber and They will let you know it and help you to enroll him/her to your friends list. It helps to find out your familiar persons. Viber is available and compatible on Almost Smartphones and Androids. It is Even optimized for tablets as well as computers. You can start a chat with your some friends (up to 100) in one place everyone will realize what you are writing and you will see what others writing it calls Group Chat. For All Super features people also rewarded the ratings which I can say Top Ratings. Average ratings: 4.4 Which is high. OK Now If you want to download or install this app then just click on below link. Download Viber Free Android App.

2: Facebook Messenger:

Best Free Calling Apps for Android in 2020

Everyone knows about Facebook. This app created by Facebook and it is the official messenger app of Facebook. Already they announced this app on Google Play Store. Many people are using it and inspiring and spending more times with this app. It is the best free and reliable app for keeping and stay connected with your friends and family. It will attach your all Facebook friends for chatting, calling and video calling. If they use this app then they can talk with you through video watching. Otherwise, If they don’t have this app then they only can only chat with you and will be disabled for calling and video calling. Photos, Videos and Audios share are common in this app. It will let life to your messages through stickers. While you are using another app then you can also keep your chat. You can see who are available on Facebook or active on Facebook. To never miss a message you will be staying logged in. After sending a message you can see that people have seen it or when have been seen it? While you are on calling then instantly you can record voice. You will get all messages without logging in on Facebook through this app. It has allowed to share your location so your friends can know how much you are nearby from them. To get more friends it will check your contact list to reach you more friends. Want to make plans with your all friends? You can initiate a group chat. When you’re working, sleeping or have needed a break then you can turn off notifications and chat messages. It is a super fast and fresh Facebook browsing app. To get better and super calling and chatting experience download this app and install it on your Android. Among total 1,828,783 votes it is still standing on 4.3 average ratings. You don’t have to pay for video , audio calling and chatting. They already solved some bugs and came with a new version. Please click on below link to order install it. Download Facebook Messenger Free Android App

3: WhatsApp Messenger

Best Free Calling Apps for Android in 2020

It is a messenger that will be held up on almost Androids, Smartphones and it is also responsive on Tablets. You can send videos, photos, voice messages to your friends and all. If you have 3G or WiFi then it will search WiFi and 3G network automatically to let you more opportunities. You can messages or voices to a phone number with low costs. First year for free and after the first year you have to pay .99 dollars. If two users of WhatsApp gone to connected then they can talk live by calling. You can chat all people over the world through low costs. There is no hidden cost in this app. If you want to chat with more friends together then you can start a group chat. The average ratings of this app on Google play store is: 4.5. To know more details and download this app please click on below link>  Download WhatsApp Messenger Free Android App.

4: Skype – free IM & video calls

Best Free Calling Apps for Android in 2020

It is the best free audio calls , video calls and chats as I used. More than 150 million people are using this app. You can use this app in anywhere and anytime through your Android phone. Even If anyone calls you through his/her Computer or Mac to your Android phone then you will get all opportunities and features. You can share your photos, voice record or videos to your friends. Chat is a common thing in this app through it, you can chat live with your friends. It is available on Mac , PC, Tablets and others. If you take video calls then you will see your dear live and what he/she is doing easily just you have to click on Video call. It also has a system that will record your call. If you want, then it will connect all your Facebook Friends so you can chat with your friends with this app without log in on Facebook. I have written more about this app to see it please check out below post: 

After opening new page you have to look up at 3 number step in there. To Download this app please click on below link. Skype – free IM & video calls Download Free

5: Yahoo Messenger

It is another app which is fully free and reliable for people to assist in the communication sector. It serves to people for video calling and audio calling (It is in Beta now). You can send message to phone number ( It has allowed in  USA, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Philippines , Canada, Pakistan, Indonesia and Kuwait ). There is an opportunity that, You can connect your all friends on Windows live and Facebook in a place. To start chatting with Facebook you just have to connect your Facebook. It is the official free android app of Yahoo. This app has no ads, so it won’t cause any problems.Therefore, I can say it fully free and it made for helping people without costs. Among Total 220,026 people average ratings: 4.1. You can Stay online on Android & PC at the same time, receive messages only where you are active. If you want to use this app you have to download it. To order Install this app on Your Android please tab your mouse on below link: Download Free Android App Yahoo Messenger.

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