How to Root Walton Primo G5

Here’s the instruction about How to Root Walton Primo G5 which is a new released phone of Walton and it is also Kitkat Operating System updated. Wanna know the review and specs of this device? Go to the linked page above. This Android device is processed with Kitkat 4.4.2 Operating system which is the most updated in Bangladesh.

How to Root Walton Primo G5

Here is method 1 to root your beloved device Walton Primo G5. It is about How to Root Walton G5 using your computer. However, let’s get rooting your device following below instructions.

How to Root Walton Primo G5 Kitkat 4.4.2 Device

We seek, you are well-known with Android Rooting and you are here to root your beloved Kitkat Device Walton Primo G5 knowing all the risks. You must know about all the advantages and risks of rooting.

We will never claim the responsibility of damaging your device because of rooting it. Even, you will lose the warranty of your device, if you root it. If you wanna know about rooting, please read the Wikipedia‘s article.

Anyway, we hope you know about rooting very much, So, let’s get the instruction of rooting the device. First, make sure these things to Walton Primo G5:

  1. Your device Walton Primo G5 should have 35-50% Charge before rooting it.
  2. If the device claims any anti-virus apps, please disable it or uninstall it before proceeding root.
  3. You will need an internet connection to download some apps and software.

If you can make sure above lines, then please start looking forward to below for more instructions:

How to Root Walton Primo G5 using PC or Computer:

Follow the below steps to root your device if you have a Computer/PC or Laptop.

  1. Download and Install the software provide below on your computer. The software download link.
  2. Then, Connect the USB cable to your computer as well as Android.
  3. After it, go to settings and Enable the “USB DEBUGGING” on your Android device.
  4. Now, open the Vroot (the software you installed on your computer from above).
  5. Finally, to order rooting process, Click on the “Root” button.
  6. Then, your device will be restart, and If you get a “SuperSU” app on your device, then your device is rooted.

We seek, your Walton Primo G5 is successfully rooted. If your device get brick-damanged then please contact with us by Facebook or Contact form, we will try to fix the problem. Again, we are saying, we won’t claim if your device get damaged during the root. Take the risk yourself.

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