Temple Run 2 Last Updated Android Game Free Download

Temple Run 2 was last updated on 11 December 2013. I guess all Android users knew about Temple Run 2 because, Most of Android operating systems are coming and those are giving some android apps or games with the operating system. In those games Temple Run is common game. Almost operating system companies are giving this game with their operating system. But Those operating systems are giving that game which is a not new version. But You can download new updated version of the game from Google play. So today we are going to describe about last updated game.

Most of people like this game and it is a high rating game on Google play. It has been downloaded 170 million times on Google play and almost people have provided high votes in there. I also prefer this game. This game similar to below details: You can play this game with touching on screen and shifting your android phone. There are some street on the game and A man will be running on the street and you need to control that man

Running picture of Temple 2

and behind that man, A Dragon will try to catch you and If it caught you then the game will be over. And There are a lot of coins and you need to earn those and you can buy a lot of features through those coins. To know more about this game please download it and play it through android. Really it is an enjoyable game and if you play it for awhile then you will be a royal lover of this game. OK now let’s move to download last updated Temple Run 2 Game.

Temple Run 2 Last Updated Android Game Free Download:

It is the step for downloading this game. First, You need to open this post through your Android phone and after it, you need to click on below link and then just click on Install button. That’s all. So let’s start:
Download link

Temple Run 2 Last Updated Game Features:

  • Wonderful New Graphics than before.
  • Super New and updated Organic Environments.
  • New Updated obstacles than before.
  • Improved Power ups than before.
  • More Achievements.
  • Improver Powers for each player.
  • You can unlock Santa for playing with more powers and you can use Santa as a player.
  • You can play with Santa hats.
  • Mysterious Box has added more impressive collections.
  • And More Features. To get those install it as soon as possible. 

Rating Information:

So far total 934,305 voters voted for this game (Below information collected from google play and these was last updated 15-12-2013). 705,159 people voted 5 stars for this game.After used 4 131,296 people they have provided 4 stars.42,891 people provided 3 stars for this game. 13,805 people considered this game 2 stars. 41,154 voted just 1 star for this game which is very low and bad vote.
Total Average votes rating is:  4.5

Some Additional information:

Last Updated: December 11, 2013 (You have known above)
100,000,000 – 500,000,000 people installs this game and they are enjoying it. What an impressive news.
This game Current Version is: 1.6 ( It is the last updated version)
UP TO 2.1 Android Version requires to install and play this game.

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