Load Shedding Paragraph for HSC and SSC

We present here a sample of Load Shedding Paragraph for HSC and SSC students. We also included the key topics, so that you can easily write the paragraph on your own with creativity.

Load Shedding Paragraph


  • Definition of load shedding
  • Reasons behind load shedding
  • Bad effects of load shedding
  • Solution of load shedding
  • Summary of the above topics

The suspension and short supply of electricity, for the time being, is called electric outrage or load shedding. Sometimes the necessity of electricity surpasses the amount of its supply. When power production is comparatively less than the actual growing demand, load shedding happens. Even it occurs due to electricity and illegal connection. It’s a prevalent scene in our daily life now, which is getting worse day by day. And the consequences are beyond explanation. In a high-density country like Bangladesh, load shedding affected almost every sector. From educational institutions, medical sector, local business, office and factories, the agricultural sector to the entire domestic lifestyle routine get stuck during load shedding. Due to light out three or four times a day, the students suffer so much and can’t spend an ideal time on their lessons. It’s become cruel during the period of examinations. Mills, factories and industries can’t produce or supply their goods and get hampered. Agricultural sector faces damage to a massive quantity of crops, and there is a shortage in the market. In a hospital the patients suffer a lot because of an uncertain power cut, and the doctors can’t provide proper treatment. Like load shedding, this crucial problem interrupted the full socio-economic development of our country. The government has taken many major steps to increase the supply of electricity. But the authority should pay more attention to build more power plants to meet our increasing demand. Necessary law should be applied to illegal connections and awareness of saving electricity should be raised among people. People can make them careful in avoiding the misuse of a national asset. As our daily life is more gadget, machine and online dependent, all electricity activities need to run without any interruption. So, all of us should be sincere to given power sector a most priority for its utility and come along with their effort to solve this serious issue.

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