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This is a multi niche blog that focuses on Education, Travel, Tech, Apps and Android. We offer guest writer a quality backlinks in exchange of a quality and unique blog post and a few bucks. This post will guide you to write on this blog and gain a quality backlink.

We charge 10 USD per article, it will contain only 1 backlink to your desired site. But there’s a few conditions to meet first.

Article Qualifications:

  • The article you write must be unique, attractive and engaging.
  • Quality must be ensured, a relevant image, 700+ words, less grammatical errors and good title have to be confirmed.
  • The article have to match with our niches. Please move to the below to get detailed topics.
  • Before the payment, you have to provide us the article to test and check if it commensurates with the blog.
  • If your article pass the test, you will have to make the payment to us by paypal or card. We will send the information after the test.

Niches good to go!

If your article is about the topics given below, you are good to go!


  • Android and iOS Apps, Tips and Tricks, News, Updates, Top 10 lists and Wallpapers.
  • Mobile Reviews, Specs Details, News, Release Dates, Tips and Tricks.
  • Computers and Laptops Softwares, Apps, News, Reviews, Updates, Tips and Tricks and Hacks.
  • Windows, Linux and Mac tips and tricks, updates, news etc.
  • Games review, how to play, tips and tricks.

Travel and Nature:

  • Most beautiful places, story, top 10 lists, guides, tips and tricks.
  • Flowers lists, details, ceremonies, wallpapers list.

Garden and Home Decorations:

  • Gardening ideas, tips and tricks, guides, how to, picturs etc.
  • Home decoration ideas, tips and tricks.


  • Paragraph, Essays, Composition, Letters, Email and Reports.
    Grammar Rules, Tips and Tricks.
    Poem Summary, Appreciation, Themes.
    Graphs and Charts explanation for students.

How to send article

No worry, just email us at shaifurrahamanshifat71@gmail.com attaching the article and image.