Food Adulteration Paragraph for HSC & SSC

Food Adulteration is a common and nasty action regularly done by a few unscrupulous people in under developing countries. It is a frequently asked paragraph in board exams. Here’s we picked up few easy and quality samples of Food Adulteration paragraph for HSC, SSC, JSC, class 8, class 10 or class, 12 students. It is also applicable for all school and college going students.

A picture that depicts process of food adulteration.

However, we have provided a shortlist of important points that will help you remembering the paragraph.

  • What is Food Adulteration?
  • Why foods are adulterated?
  • How food adulteration happens?
  • Harmful effects of food adulteration.
  • Conditation of food adulteration in Bangladesh or your area.
  • Measures to prevent food adulteration.

Paragraph on Food Adulteration

Adding or mixing harmful substances in foods to increase the attractiveness, taste, or lifetime is called food adulteration. It is mostly done to elongate the conservation of foods. There are many reasons that excite sellers to do this nasty act. In modern times, cities don’t grow crops or any organic foods. The source of food is actually the countrysides. Thus sellers want to store more foods to profit. And being unscrupulous, they adulterate foods. Various unhealthy colors are mixed with foods to look more attractive. Illiterate farmers unknowingly spray pesticides and insecticides on crops. Mostly Formaline is added to prevent the conservation of vegetables and fruits. Different ingredients are also added to ripen fruits or make them tastier. So, the main reason for food adulteration is actually the greedy attitude of sellers. Food adulteration has a huge impact on human health. It directly or indirectly affects skin allergies, cancer, lung damages, diarrhea, and many more diseases. Children can be severely affected by food adulteration. Under a developing country where law enforcement is mostly corrupted and the supply chain is weakly controlled is the worst victim of food adulteration. Various news sources and researches suggest that a huge percentile of foods are somehow contaminated by chemicals in these countries. However, to stop food adulteration, a concord of awareness from different sectors is needed. The most important step is to aware of mass people about the consequences of this nasty act. Laws should be strictly imposed. Mobile courts have to run regularly. The government should take steps to profoundly control the supply chain of foods. Thus, we hope to bring food adulteration to a zero percentile.


Hope this paragraph about Food Adulteration helped the students of HSC.

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