Traffic Jam Paragraph for HSC & SSC

We proceed to present a few samples of standard Traffic Jam paragraph for HSC and SSC students.  One thing to remember that, these samples are not meant to memorize rather than to provide the idea of how a paragraph structure should be. Before proceeding, you should have look at the rules to write a paragraph here.

Traffic Jam Paragraph for HSC & SSC

However, we suggest to note down the key points provided below and write the paragraph on your own by using creativity. These will help you to form a quality Traffic Jam paragraph for HSC, SSC, JSC or other classes and present your idea in excellent order.

  • Definition of Traffic Jam
  • Reasons for road blockings
  • Bad effects of traffic congestion
  • Traffic Jam influences in economy and city life
  • Using time effectively on a congestion
  • Different suggestions to alleviate traffic congestion
  • A small summary on the above topics

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Easy Traffic Jam Paragraph

This sample is recommended for the students of class 3,4 or 5.

Number 1:

A blockage in the road due to the high pressure of vehicles is known as traffic jam or congestion. It is a usual sight in city life. This happens when a long line of vehicles is stopped for a while. Narrow roads, poor traffic management, unskilled drivers, idiotic parking, huge population, the high number of vehicles, etc are the main reason for traffic jam. All classes of people suffer from this. Students can’t reach their schools in time, Employees become late in the office, Doctors may not be able to go hospital quickly. Thus, it creates a huge impact in the economy. However, we can use the time spent in a jam by reading newspapers or books. Increasing size and number and roads will reduce traffic jam. Imposing traffic laws more hardly, removing unlicensed vehicles, and creating awareness can be helpful. However, we all including authorities should be aware to reduce traffic jam.

Number 2:

Traffic jam is an annoying experience faced by city dwellers everyday. It is a line or lines of stationary or slow-moving vehicles caused by road works, an accident or high pressure of vehicles. A less road area in proportion to vehicles is the main reason behind traffic jam. Narrow roads and unplanned infrastructure also causes the jam. Moreover, unskilled drivers who show overtaking tendencies and park idiotically make it more severe.Sometimes, strike and demonstration clue to political instability make the traffic jam condition worst. All classes of people including students, officers, doctors, and workers suffer from it. The situation gets worst when a dying patient is stucked in the road for the jam. However, a big number of working hours are wasted for traffic jam. As a result, it directly hampers growth of economy. Increasing number and width of roads will help alleviate traffic jam. Along with that, traffic rules should be imposed more strictly. Well plannned infrastructure will surely help to reduce traffic jam. Assigned authorities should inspire people to use public transport than private vehicles. Unlicensed drivers should be eradicated from the roads. However, a combined effort from authorities and citizens is required to alleviate traffic jam.


Traffic Jam Paragraph SSC and JSC

This sample is recommended for students from class 5 to 10 including students of PSC, JSC and SSC.

Prevention of traffic movement in the road caused by congestion or blockage of vehicles is regarded as traffic jam. It is basically a long static line of vehicles that restrain the speed of traffic. This annoying phenomenon is experienced by city dwellers every day. A less road area in proportion to vehicles is the main culprit behind traffic jam. Narrow and unplanned roads are also a reason. Poor management of traffic incentivizes traffic jam. Moreover, unskilled drivers, idiotic parking, overtaking tendency, etc. makes it more severe. Traffic congestion creates huge problems among all classes of people. Students are late in the school, Officers are stuck in the road, Doctors can’t reach hospitals in time, Workers become delay in the site, etc. It becomes more serious when a dying patient in an ambulance is stuck in the road. Alleviating traffic congestion is a major problem in modern times. Increasing numbers of roads, creating various alternatives to reach a destination can help. The size of the roads should also be larger. Moreover, assigned authorities should be more serious to impose traffic laws. And the laws should be more strict. Increasing public transport and inspiring people to left private cars can also help to reduce congestion. All unlicensed vehicles must be eradicated from roads. Drivers can be limited to a certain level of education. However, traffic jam causes a lot of harms. We all should be aware of our respective areas to reduce it. Various well-planned measures like building flyovers, metro rails, foot-over bridges, and U-loops from Government will help to alleviate it.

Traffic Jam Paragraph for HSC or Class 12

This is suggested for students of class high school and colleges.

Traffic jam is an irritating experience suffered by thousands of city dwellers every single day. It is basically a blockage due to huge numbers of vehicles stuck in a place. It is considered as a major problem of our time. Our population has increasing day by day. Thus, the number of vehicles on the roads is also growing high. So, the number and size of roads in proportion to vehicles are less accordingly. This is one of the very first reasons that excites the blocking of vehicles and thus creates a static line, ultimately brings traffic jam. Besides, there is a lot of idiots who parks their vehicle here and there. There are a lot of drivers who drives by their will and shows overtaking tendency. Many pedestrians don’t use foot over bridges and stop running vehicles to cross the roads. Poor management of traffic causes congestion. Various movements caused by political instability also creates jam. However, traffic jam is harmful in every aspect of life. It is most dangerous for dying patients carried to the hospital by ambulance. Students, employees, officers, workers, and all classes of people are suffered from it. It takes thousands of working hours every day. Thus, it hampers the economy of a country badly. However, we can efficiently recover the time lost in the congestion by exercising, reading newspapers or books or scrolling through social media. Traffic congestion can be alleviated by taking many well-researched measures. Increasing size and number of roads, building flyovers, U-loops, foot overbridges will surely help. Authorities can also introduce modern amenities like metro rails to reduce traffic jam. Public transports must be increased. Discouraging usages of private cars by increasing taxes will be a good move. Moreover, traffic rules must be more strick. Unlicensed drives should be eradicated from roads. A certain level of education can be imposed to gain a license. However, a good concord of measures from various authorities will alleviate traffic jam. Mass people also have to be aware of the rules.

Hope this Traffic Jam paragraph for HSC, SSC and JSC students helped you.

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